JUG Meeting April 2013

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Date(s) - 24/04/2013
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



In april we have a special guest Vincent Massolhttp://about.me/vmassol

To put it in his own words, 

“Vincent is the CTO of XWiki SAS and an active committer of the XWiki open source project. Before being paid to work on open source he spent over 10 years working nights and week ends having fun on various open source projects (committer on Apache Maven, creator of Apache Cactus and Codehaus Cargo to name a few). 

Vincent also co-authored 3 books: JUnit in Action , Maven: A Developer’s Notebook and Better Builds with Maven. He’s a regular speaker at IT and Java conferences and also a member of LesCastCodeurs podcast, a French podcast focusing on news in the Java world at large.”




XWiki as a web development platform

When developing a web application the traditional way is to develop the application from scratch using a general purpose language such as PHP, Grails, Java/JSP, etc. This presentation will show that a second generation wiki (examples based on XWiki: http://xwiki.org) can be used as a web development platform to develop applications on top of it, providing much if not all the needed infrastructure scaffolding.

The advantages are similar to those of using an application sever. However whereas an application server offers technical services only, a wiki platform offers higher level services such as content management, rendering, storage, WYSIWYGeditor, user management, and a lot more.

Not only are these services offered, you can develop using them in your traditional IDE or in the runtime, directly in wiki pages. This allows developing web applications extremely quickly with a fast turnaround time, which is perfect for adhoc web application development.


Developing the XWiki open source project

The practices and strategies used by the XWiki open source project for developing the software: – governance

– coding
– release process
– testing project health

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about an open source project but never dared ask!


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