JUG de toamna


Revenim in toamna aceasta cu un calup de prezentari din zona Big Data, realizat cu Amazon. Vom reveni in curand cu detalii despre fiecare eveniment. Pana atunci, un teaser:

Processing BigData with Java and Hadoop

Hadoop is the most popular framework for storing and processing large amounts of data but the learning curve is quite steep due to complexity of deployment and the number of available APIs.

This series of three presentations is an introduction to the fundamental concepts that are used across many Hadoop products. We will focus on how to use them and also on the design implications of running large applications in production.

  1. Storage (HDFS) – 8 Oct
  2. Batch processing (MapReduce) – 5 Nov
  3. Random access (HBase) – 3 Dec

Stay tuned!

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